Nestle Splash – Lemon Review

So here it goes, the first review! I received a surprise VoxBox in the mail from @influenster just the other day. It was sent to me FREE to give back my feedback. The box came with a pair of sunglasses, a beach ball (my 4 year old claimed that immediately) and a straw. I received the lemon flavor to try out.

I drink A LOT of water, I have to to help with my low blood pressure. I average about 80-100 ounces a day. Trust me, I don’t care how much water you drink or how often it definitely gets boring some days.

I was SO excited to be able to try this product free of charge! To be honest, I don’t know if it is something that I would pay for unless it was on sale very cheap. While I was hoping to be refreshed, the water was actually wayyyy too sweet for me. Eeek! It left me feeling a little thirsty, like I needed to get the taste out of my mouth. The flavor was okay, lemon not sure what more to expect on that. Lemon is lemon after all. I really wish it wasn’t so sweet!

There are other flavors available, at this point I think I will just stick to my plain old water.

(I could easily see mixing it with vodka for a calorie free drink!!)


I received this item for sampling purposes, but this opinion is my OWN!


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